Our "Pugadors" get a clean bill of health at the vet today!

Posted April 14, 2010 9:57 pm

 I'd rather take a couple and do it right, maintaining our high standards and organized system than take a few and do it all wrong, jeopardizing the flow & fabulous system we have worked so hard to establish. We know our limits and what we can comfortably handle. I wish we could save them all, but we do the absolute best we can. I love my rescue and all that are involved! - Mommie Erica

The Pugish Family at the pound!

Posted April 13, 2010 7:36 pm

If you follow us on face book, or are just a fan of our site here, I do not need to tell you how hard the volunteers of Adopt-A-Bull Rescue work each and every day to save dogs from death. You see it online, you read about it in our monthly newsletters, you may even be able to experience some of it firsthand if you’re a local member of our meet-up group or help with our various rescue events in the community. Yes, we are primarily an English Bulldog Rescue organization, but occasionally have an “off breed” or mix, or two or three.  Besides the 33+ English Bulldogs we currently have, we are also caring for 2 pit mixes, a Sharpei and as of today, 3 pug mix puppies.

Every day a list of “Dogs in Danger” is emailed to us by the local pound. Today, I was surprised to see not 1, but 3 different litters of puppies on that list. Yes…puppies….. dogs 8 weeks and younger!!! I personally own 2 EB’s and a pug myself so the litter of pug mix pups caught my attention. Taking off of work early, I decide to drive down to the shelter just to look…. so I told myself. A litter of 5 pups were owner surrender, just dumped at the pound, young pups without mom or dad. The pups go to the clinic for their shots as walk around. Past the kennel runs, between the cages, down each corridor……there are so many dogs... so so so many.  The shelter I was at euthanizes 100+ dogs DAILY. There are cats too..... sooooo many kittens, just litters upon litter of them….tiny tiny kittens. I can't stop looking; I get sadder with each step I take.  I can’t help but cry, as the tears begin to steadily flow….so many of them... OMG! Spay & neuter people!!!  I can't save them all or even help them all. I promised myself no more mix puppies. Why am I here? I can't say no, I'm a sucker. I don't want them to die. I know I won't be able to sleep again tonight or even the rest of this week. Why... Why.... Why? All I can think of is awareness, education, laws, my mind races… I can’t even think clearly. Just like a kindergarten field trip, I want to take people back to this shelter with me to see this; people need to take visits to their local county kill shelters, aka “The Pound.”  When you see what I see, witness what I have, you will only feel compelled to take action. Adopt-A-Bull Rescue was founded on some very strong convictions. We are in the process of re-doing our website and the new site will contain a page about my personal rescue story, the story of my own very first dog – my English Bulldog, Brutis, and why I decided to give up my life, devoting every second of my day to the dogs that are in danger. Ok, now I’m rambling and crying at the same time. I apologize.

Bottom line, we really should not have taken any of the mix pugs, but about an hour or so after I arrived at the shelter, I found myself sitting down at the rescue desk signing spay/neuter/medical contracts, handing over payment for 3 of the puppies that sat in the cardboard box next to me caked in diarrhea and who would surely display signs of kennel cough in just a matter of time. Three lives saved today!!! Yippee!!! That was the easy part, now they need to be fed around the clock, quarantined away from any other animals for at least the next 2 weeks (they can’t even share the same air as others), vetted, fully examined, and have to go to work with me every day so they can be kept under a watchful eye. The pups are listed as 8 weeks old, but look barely 6 weeks. The little female fawn runt weighs 1.1 pounds with the other two are closer to 2 pounds. We have contacted pug rescue and are hopeful they will take the 2 that remain even thou they are mixes. Updated to come, stay tuned.


April's Newsletter full of Easter Bullie Bunnies! (Click Bluto's Face)

Posted April 4, 2010 10:01 am

March's Newsletter!

Posted March 13, 2010 9:03 pm

Click Here for March's Newsletter!

All our newsletters are archived on our homepage too. Enjoy!!!

Event Pics from our 1st Annual Bullie Ball!

Posted March 2, 2010 12:56 pm


Loran Smith

Loran Smith

Kelley Hollowell is a housewife, mother and an equestrian enthusiast who found time recently to promote a charity project with a tenacity that is traditionally commonplace among bulldogs. The breed, that is. She recruited a couple of dashing blonde assistants, Lauriel Leonard and Christy Warbington, tireless workers nonpareil, and organized the first annual "Bully Ball," which became a resounding success. Along the way, however, the challenge was not just getting in to see bulldog aficionados - she also had to explain what would take place and the reason for such an event.

"We spent as much time explaining what we were doing as we did soliciting commitments for our event," she said after a black-tie dinner in Atlanta last weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead.

The event was highlighted by the appearance of a dozen bulldogs, including General, the Citadel's mascot, a relative of Georgia's official mascot, Uga. "I can't bring Uga this year," owner Sonny Seiler told Kelley. "We have not selected Uga VIII, but our new mascot will be ready by fall and next year's Bully Ball."

Jon McGavin, general manager of the Ritz and a Georgia graduate, relaxed the house rules to allow organizers to showcase live bulldogs, many of them rescued from abuse and abandonment. You see, that was what motivated Kelley to create this event in the first place. She will arm twist you into supporting the Bully Ball, but underneath, her heart is heavy when there is a bulldog out there suffering from neglect. She decided to do something about the plight of suffering bulldogs.

The facts are that many bulldogs are being neglected because of a simple reason. People can't afford the vet bills in this estranged economy. However, Kelley suspected that there were enough animal lovers who are not so financially stressed who would step forward and enjoy an evening at the Ritz to support her cause. Her clairvoyance was confirmed.

She never let anybody say no. That included Vince Dooley, the former Georgia coach, who showed up to sign his latest book and salute Kelley's efforts. Other celebrated Bulldogs on hand included Scott Woerner, Knox Culpepper, Tommy Lyons, David Greene, Matt Stinchcomb, John Lastinger, Greg Talley and Rusty Epperson.

The live auction brought about a curious scene. Steve Penley, the renowned artist from Carrollton, donated a handsome portrait of Uga. The bidding became stimulating and exciting. There was Rankin Smith Jr., who now lives in Thomasville, being outbid by Bill Fralic, who played for the Falcons when Rankin's family owned the team. Bill, an All-American at Pitt, is a bulldog aficionado. He kept raising the bid against his old boss. Finally he gave up, "I know I can't outbid him," Fralic laughed. The friendly banter had Kelley beaming.

It was a day of hand wringing for Kelley. Would the weather be good? Would all those who bought tickets show up? Sometimes supporters are no-shows. Would they have a good time? Here's your answer. More than 300 Dawg and dog fans surged into the Ritz for fine wine and an unforgettable meal. They petted the bulldogs on hand, were charmed by beautiful women in evening dresses, bid passionately on live auction items, and enjoyed spirited casino games - all to rescue bulldogs in distress.

When someone does something good for animals, a lot of people join in. Kelley staged a night to remember at the Ritz. Her friends - Bulldogs and bulldogs alike - are grateful.

"Ford" is our 8th bullie intake since Friday - that's 8 in just 6 days!

Posted February 18, 2010 10:09 am

Ford was surrendered to the pound by his original owners on February 16th, 2010. They dropped him off with a piece of paper, his AKC registration papers, that's it. (We may not have any other info, but at least we have his date of birth - 10-17-05!) Because he was surrendered by his owners, "Ford" became available immediately for adoption. After an exam by the vet at the pound, they noted: "poss. abnormal alignment of rear legs, further medical evaluation needed. Aspiratory dyspnea (labored breathing). Stridor sounds were noted on bronchious and trachea. Dog it too excited to auscultation and becomes dyspneic if handled. Further testing needed to rule out other diseases." And so, the next morning, less than 24 hours from his arrival at the pound, "Ford" was adopted out on a medical release to the first party interested in him.  Because of the very short amount of time Ford was in the pound, Adopt-A-Bull didn't find out about him until he was already adopted. We asked to be put in the records as a rescue hold just in case Ford was ever found his way to this pound again. Sure enough, less than 8 hours later, they called..... the "adopters" took Ford to their vet after realizing something was wrong with this dog. The vet said there was no fluid in his lungs, but that there was a huge food and gas bubble in his tummy and he desperately needed  elongated soft palate at the very least. They did an x-ray we dropped everything and were on our way to the pound to get "Ford".

Right from the pound we headed to the hospital... a new hospital, one we had never been at before, they had late hours. We got there right before they closed. Ford was barely breathing, sounded extremely labored every breath he gasped for air, we were terrified, it was not good. Ford was examined and immediately put on oxygen, I was sent out of the room. The whole experience was not so pleasant, the new vet was rude and obviously cared about $$$ and not so much the dog. In the waiting area I called the pound, I needed more info to help this poor dog. Why was he surrendered? What is his background? Does he have a history of this type of breathing? Due to privacy issues, the pound director could not give me the contact info of Ford's original owner. They surrendered him with his papers, so I knew they would be an extreme help to us in this situation, if only we could communicate. The pound left a message for them.... still haven't heard anything. So, after an hour on oxygen, Ford was a tiny bit better, but still in bad shape. They wanted to refer us to the 24 hour emergency hospital down the street. (The one that charges a minimum of like $1200 per overnight stay... yeah, we know them very well unfortunately.) Instead, I took Ford home to my house. I converted up my husband's office to a little isolation room, although not 100% quarantined from the other dogs, it would have to do. I really believed that Ford was just stressed, nervous, anxious and paranoid from his whole experience over the last 2 days. Why spend any more money un-necessarily (money we don't even have) if all he needed was to chill out for a little bit, in a nice cold room without some much stimuli? I really thought that's all it was.... if he didn't get better in an hour, we'd go to the ER.

Ford got better as the night went on, although I didn't get much sleep, I knew he'd be okay. It was obvious he'd never been crated before, or even baby gated in a room - he'd bark, cry and throw a fit, starting the whole breathing problem all over again. He was stable and obviously feeling good enough to show me his stubborn bullie attitude the way he did all night; he just needs elongated soft palate surgery in the worst way possible. Overnight he barfed up a whole bunch of goodies too! We have an urgent surgery appointment with our specialist to get Ford the surgery he's needed all his life. With our rescue discount, it will cost us somewhere around $1000. Please Chip-in of you can.


Happy Valentines Day from Adopt-A-Bull Rescue!

Posted February 10, 2010 12:19 pm

Support bullie rescue with every purchase when you use the Adopt-A-Bull Rescue PlatinumŽ Visa Reward

Posted February 2, 2010 4:50 pm

Here's a new easy way to raise money and awareness for Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Just start using the new Adopt-A-Bull Rescue Visa Platinum® Rewards card for your everyday purchases. The first time you use it, the bank will donate $50 to Adopt-A-Bull Rescue and we'll continue to receive a percentage of all future purchases--all at no cost to you.

Plus, you'll be earning accelerated points (up to 15 points per dollar) at hundreds of national merchants, which can be redeemed for merchandise, account credits and Free tickets on over 175 airlines, with no blackout dates!

Please join me today in choosing and using the only card that supports Adopt-A-Bull Rescue and earns you valuable rewards at the same time. Go to http://www.cardpartner.com/app/adopt-a-bull-rescue to request your card today.

BIG DADDY and his surgery fund!

Posted January 29, 2010 12:46 pm

The vet said he was disappointed.... how such a cute bullie could have such an attitude. Big Daddy has never had his nails clipped (like ever) or his ears cleaned, or tail pocket flushed out/cleaned. He's hurting all over in these very sensitive areas and goes on the attack when anyone approaches his special spots. Right now, he's at the vet.... sedation isn't effective. Although risky, they are putting him totally under to examine him properly, clean him up and treat the infections. While under, they will go ahead and neuter him if they can. If you love squishy faces like we do, please "CHIP-IN" above and donate towards the vet bills for Big Daddy and his 27 bullie friends that are currently in our program :)

UPDATE as of 4:11pm: Vet just called.... Big Daddy is heartworm positive! We need funds now more than ever, even more than we thought. Please help our bullies, crosspost this link everywhere you can.

The scoop in a nutshell!

Posted January 15, 2010 3:13 pm

We have been crazy busy lately, attending to the needs of all the bullies in our program. We are in the process of building a new website and in the very near future, www.adoptabullrescue.com will have a new look and be completely restructured for your viewing pleasure. If you are not already one of our fans on facebook, join at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Adopt-a-Bull-Rescue/306715079809?ref=mf. Hourly updates, status reports and the newest pictures of our avail-a-bull’s past and present are announced directly to our facebook page. At this time, because it is much easier and faster to give updates remotely thru our blackberry devices right to facebook, this will be our main way of communicating with our followers. We will continue to update this blog frequently, but for now our efforts will be focused on maintaining our facebook page, (where we have close to 5,000 friends) and also updating the bio info on the dogs that you see on this site under Adopt-A-Bull’s.   

This weekend some of the Adopt-A-Bull clan is headed north for a Bullie Mommie Getaway weekend of fun in Orlando. We will be traveling with 8 bullies and 6 Bullie Mommie's to visit a few of our bullie friends in Orlando! There will be no updates posted to our site this weekend, we will, however, be on facebook! If you are in the Orlando area, and wish to attend our meetups (we will be having 2 events tomorrow and 1 on Sunday) please join our meetup group. There is a link on our homepage that says "Meetup."

Today is the first day of her new life, she just doesn't know it yet. Please keep this Momma in your prayers as you go about your weekend and remember the dogs less fortunate than the ones we call our own.

See you on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/adoptabull

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