Duke's Rescue Adventure!

Posted August 10, 2010 5:23 pm

From the Shelter: "Duke is a registered, male English Bulldog, approximately 18 months of age.  He is white with brindle markings.  Unfortunatley, he has "cherry eye" in both eyes and is an owner-surrender because the owner could not afford to have this condition corrected.  Duke is a character and makes all sorts of snorts and noises, sounding almost like a pygmy goat crying.  He is housebroken and must be kept cool during the summer months, as this breed is highly susceptible to overheating quickly due to the conformation of their face, mouth and nose. He is extremely friendly and affectionate and you can tell he has been raised with love."

Duke was surrendered to a shelter in Louisiana after his owners had him living outside with severely infected cherry eyes. After calling the shelter just to make sure this 18 month old boy was not in danger, we surprisingly discovered that he was! With no adopters or any other rescue stepping forward we decided to do whatever it took to save him. The shelter was kind enough to transport Duke over to a local vet that agreed to board Duke for a week until we got the transport arranged. While Duke was boarding, they would neuter him and attempt to tack down his HUGE cherry eyes. A ground transport railroad was formed but at the last minute, our first leg backed out. With no other volunteers in the area, we booked a one way flight to Baton Rouge picked Duke up and drove 15 hours straight back to S. FL. It is apparent that first cherry eye surgery attempt was unsuccessful so on August 18th, 2010, Duke will be going to our eye specialist for cherry eye surgery take 2!

Duke is 44 pounds and gets along with other dogs. He is an absolute love bug, a playful, happy puppy and likes to act as your personal shadow. It's always fun when he rams into the back of your legs with his e-collar on too! What a funny boy! Enjoy these photos from our rescue trip at the airport, picking Duke up, and our trip back in the rental!

The rescue story of a little bullie girl named Courage...

Posted July 18, 2010 9:03 am

Meet Courage - the reason we have been going crazy these last couple days. It all started when we saw this ad online: Free special needs English bulldog. She is roughly 10 tall and weighs 35 lbs. We have been treating her for allergies and fleas but she has not regrown her hair. It would be a wast to put her down, but I am getting faced with no other option. She is 1 yr old.

Upon speaking with the author of the ad above, we found out he was a breeder. He lives out in Baker County, FL and has 3 acres of land where puppies - grandparents run free. We told him who we were and what we do & conviced him to let us have Courage, opposed to just some Joe Schmoe responding to his ad wanting a free puppy but unaware of the whole situation.  Courage has been living outside on 3 acres since birth. There are 3 generations living on the 3 acres, BYB at it's best, horrible and unthinkable conditions and my mouth just hung open as this breeder continued to talk to me over the phone. Turns out that little Courage is the only survior of 3 litters. All previous bad litters per breeder were either all stillborn, never carried to term by female or were solid white blind & deaf. He even gave me his website to see, he breeds most Olde English Bulldogs, but none the less, I thought I was going to barf. I acted like I was his friend and agreed with everything he said, I'd do anything just to save this one bullie girl and get the info I needed so later I could report him.
We acted quickly to arrange transport to pick up Courage. The breeder refused to hold her until the morning for us, so we had just 4 hours to get her. Finally, we found a nice volunteer to drive over and hour and a half just to pick her up. He did so and brought her back to his home in Jax. The next day we arranged a 6 person bullie railroad from Jacksonville Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Thank you to all involved in this very emotional rescue. I personally have yet to meet this bullie girl, several of you will meet her before I do as she travels down the entire east coast of FL to get to AABR headquarters. Courage's profile will be updated with the offical results of her medical status once all the pending tests come back from the lab.

Greedy Bastards!!!

Posted July 2, 2010 10:10 am

If you had 2 English Bulldogs that you were trying to re-home who were living in your backyard, a mother and son pair ages 7 and 5, (so you claim) covered in fleas, filthy dirty, past due on everything medical including state required rabies, both un-sterilized, and 1 with a cleft palate - don't you think you'd want to surrender them to rescue, to an organization that would actually take care of them and raise the funds needed to ensure their health and get all surgeries needed.... right?!?!? Of course not! You'd rather sell them for $200 and want nothing to do with rescue! After 3 failed "selling" attempts to just any Joe Schmoe that responds to your online ad, you are persistent in your "$200 firm" and you'd rather just get the cash and hand them off to a complete stranger - makes perfect sense to me too! Soooooooo, you force the rescue to get sneaky- they send a friend (who is really a rescue volunteer) to contact you to play as an interested buyer.... your 4th interested buyer. Behind the scenes, on the opposite end of the coast, you are totally unaware that a couple of rescue mommies are trying to get some cash together to Western Union the money over to your 4th potential buyer. Little do you know, this "seller" is actually going to be the only person to actually complete the transaction and get these precious bullie the love and care that they have been denied their whole lives. To be continued....

Demi & Scout made it safely to AABR. Although they are both underweight with severe flea infestations and in poor shape overall , they are heartworm negative (Thank God)! Unfortunately, that's about the only bit of good news. Scout has a very bad internal infection - his WBC is 52,000 and normal is 16,000. He is extremely malnourished and is suffering from flea anemia among several other things. He has a cleft palate so eating and drinking can get quite messy. It's so devastatingly sad to see food & water remnants coming out of his nose as he eats thru his mouth. He tries to sneeze and cough it out, we can just imagine how uncomfy he must be. Both bullies have worms/intestinal parasites. Demi, the mommie, has a horribly infected ear that the owners attempted to care for themselves by cutting a slit in it to relieve the infection and then squeezing all the crap out of it. They were so nice to even instruct us on this process so we would continue to do it...... ummmmm NO! Go to a vet you idiot!!! Scout also has ear issues resulting from previous neglect and lack of cleaning/care. Our vet yesterday didn't think the duo was stable enough to even get a rabies shot, so we are holding off on vaccines for now. When Mommie & Son have improved, they will be spayed/neutered and get their other surgeries. They are the absolute sweetest bullies ever, so mushy and loving and just want to be pet and loved on. Poor little bullies..please keep these 2 in your prayers.

Our latest update and newest intake!

Posted June 14, 2010 8:57 pm


This dog is sitting at a vet clinic with a broken femur. Late last week he was ran over by his owners and they surrendered him to the vet because they didn't want him anymore. He is a very young bulldog and was already heartworm positive! The owners opted NOT to treat for heartworms but eventually their vet shamed them into it. The vet had been trying to get custody of the dog because he had knowledge of the owners not taking proper care of him. He was living outside and not being fed consistently. Now, unfortunately, was the vets chance to take the dog. The owners signed him over to the vet and then the vet called AABR. This poor bullie boy was supposed to have surgery last night, until the surgeon that does surgeries for this particular vet clinic realized he didn't have the proper hardware (screws) to do it. Today, we will pick him up and transfer him to our orthopedic specicialist who will perform the operation first thing tomorrow morning. Please help us by donating to save this guy, the surgery will cost approx $1800.

6-22-10 Update: Stewie's surgery was successful and he is recovering in AABR foster care! We have discovered he is still heartworm positive (he never did complete treatment) and has the absolute worst case of tapeworms we have ever seen. Stewie is being treated for all his ailments and although he has quite a few weeks of rest & rehab ahead of him, this squishy faced pup will be all better in no time!

Blooms for Bullies!

Posted June 11, 2010 12:13 pm


Gus Gus the puppy is fighting for his life.

Posted May 6, 2010 9:35 pm

On Tuesday afternoon, May 4, 2010 at approx. 5pm a nice young man by the name of Nestor was given a 17 week old English Bulldog puppy known as” Gus Gus”. At this time it is still unknown where this pup originated from but we do know that he was handed off by a neighbor to a friend to another friend then to Nestor’s wife before he was turned over to Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. When Nestor obtained custody of the puppy on Tuesday afternoon, he knew there was something extremely wrong with him. Barely breathing, extending his neck so far out gasping for air with loud gurgling lung sounds, Nestor immediately rushed Gus Gus to his 24 hour emergency vet. After about $900 worth of emergency treatment and care, IV’s, medications, etc., Nestor wanted so badly to save this little pup, but realized it was not within his means to do so. The hospital informed Nestor that Gus Gus has a very severe bacterial pneumonia and a partially collapsed right lung. He would need to stay overnight for at least another 3 -4 days under 24 hour care in attempts to stabilize his current condition and the cost would be $2000 on top of what he had spent, with a “guarded” prognosis.

Wednesday morning, after finding us on the internet, Nestor contacted us via email with a plea for help. By 2:00pm we were on our way to the hospital where Gus Gus was being treated at. Nestor signed the dog over to us, the vet carried Gus out to us in the waiting area, IV catheter still in his arm, handed him over to us and right in the back of the bullie van Gus Gus was placed. We quickly rushed Gus straight to our vet. The sounds coming from this poor pup made me very nervous. I was praying he’d make the 30 minute car ride without further complications or distress, as it was already, this boy was struggling just to breathe.

As we compose this update, it’s Thursday evening at 9:15 pm. Gus Gus is hanging in there. He’s confined to an oxygen chamber and is getting the best possible treatment at our vet. We keep in touch with Nestor on little Gus’s status and are hopeful this frail fragile pup will pull thru this horrific ordeal. By the time this is all over, we anticipate that costs for this little guy’s treatment and recovery will most likely rank in our top 10 most expensive rescues.

Update from Auntie Cyndi, the best vet tech ever! 10:00 pm 5-6-10: "Baby Gus did great today! He loves chewing on my hands while getting his treatments. I don't think he'll need to be on oxygen too much longer. He has a great appetite and just wants to play. I got him a hard rubber bone to chew on so he leaves his IV alone. He's loving the bone. It will save my knuckles too. LOL. I will be going back at 11pm to give him another treatment, but his lungs sound dryer and he is acting like a silly puppy. He asked me to THANK YOU Mommy Erica for give him a chance to live." Thank you to all our donors!!!!

Update 5-7-10 @ 6:00 pm: Today the vet slightly lowered the amount of oxygen being released into Gus's little chamber to see how he would respond and he didn't respond well. He started coughing and struggled to breathe with the oxygen support lessened. It was put back up to the amount it was on before. Gus will remain in his oxygen chamber thruout the weekend and we will re-assess on Monday. 
Update 5-8-10 @ 10:00 am: It’s getting harder and harder to treat little Gus Gus because he wants to play! He’s quite the typical bullie puppy chewing on the IV tube coming into his oxygen chamber as well as chewing his IV catheter right out of his little arm. Auntie Cyndi tried putting a reverse splint on his leg around the IV tube in order to prevent the use of an e-collar, but he was still able to get to it so now Gus is in a party hat! Besides the bone orange bone toy, Auntie Cyndi also bought a little kong and froze some of Gus’s special wet food in it to keep him busy during his time in his little oxygen cell. We’ve discovered that Gus is not a fan on peanut butter and in fact, he doesn’t like it all. After Gus’s midnight treatment last night, Cyndi got up to leave for the night, tucked him in and made sure he was comfy and as she walked away with her back to him, he let out a little “BARK!” She said it was so cute and a really great sign that he was able to muster up enough air to build up and let out a bark! This is awesome!! Our little Gus Gus is getting better!
Update 5-9-10 @ 3:15pm: Last night just before midnight, we arrived at the hospital and met Cyndi there to join her in performing Gus’s nightly treatments! What a little stinker! We have to bribe him with a kong filled with frozen soft food in order to get him to stay still long enough to administer his meds thru his IV tube. Although he still sounds like crap and has major congestion and crackling sounds with every breath, his lungs are getting stronger. He barked at Mommie Erica 5 times thru his plexi-glass oxygen chamber. What a handful this one’s gonna be!
5-10-10 Update: Gus Gus is going off his oxygen today! We're going to see how he does off of it. Last night, he was off oxygen for over an hour as we attempted to perform his treatments. He seemed to do ok. His breathing is still rattling and raspy, but he does not appear to be struggling like before. And he's now barking, which means that collapsed lung is probably healing! His IV catheter came out sometime yesterday, so we attempted to insert another one multiple times; however, poor GusGus' paws were so swollen that we just couldn't get another one in. His veins have had enough! After 4 bent needles, we didn't want to put him through any more, so we did some research and found a couple other options for his treatments, including a pill and an injection. Now that the IV is out, the collar of shame can come off! GusGus is enjoying playing with his toys without the e-collar restriction. He is very itchy; either from getting urine on himself in his oxygen chamber or a side-effect of the meds. We gave him a little dry bath last night; hopefully a real bath can come very soon. One thing at a time though....  Now let's keep our paws crossed that he doesn't develop demodex mange since his immune system is so very weak right now. Things are looking up, but it's still a long long road ahead!
5-11-10 Update @ 1:00 pm: Soooooooo, yesterday afternoon when I went to visit our little crazy puppy, he literally stole the shoe right off my foot and then proceeded to carry it back to his cage with him! He's obviously feeling much much better! He's doing well out of his oxygen chamber and he is expected to be released from the hospital in the very near future!!!
UPDATE 5-11-10 @ 6:00PM: Baby Gus was just discharged from the hospital an hour ago! He is home!!! I didn't realize how under-prepared we are - we didn't expect him to come home so quick! I must feed the puppy and then put him to bed, I have some shopping to do!!! OMG, we can't believe he's home! He's a pic of him on the way home in the bullie van, he fell asleep with his head in between the dog beds.
In the meantime, although Baby Gus is on the road to recovery, we have quite a few bullies staying at the vet and others ready for their furever home. Here's the status on all our dogs, hope I didn't leave anyone out!
  • Moe gets neuter surgery tomorrow and an ultrasound yesterday revealed the cause for his constant urination of blood: a cyst on his prostate.
  • Belle is on heavy antibiotics and under a watchful eye due to post spay infection. Her x-rays revealed she has deformed/no hip sockets and she has trouble just staying on her feet. After spay she kept falling to the ground, irritating the area. It doesn't help she's a tad overweight. Belle will undergo surgery to be opened back up tomorrow
  • Avva our pitbull is recovering at the vet from her spay and medically required tail amputation. As of tomorrow she's offically ready for adoption!
  • Allie is home recovering from her 4 in 1 (elongated soft palate, nare, saccuoles, spay) surgery and is doing well.
  • AABR rescued Fiona back on 7-13-09 from the pound. She was adopted last year, but her adoptive mommie recently fell on tough times and will soon be moving out of state unable to take Fiona with her. Fiona is back up for adoption.
  • Wilbur, Pebbles, Harley, Tater, Natasha, Frodo, Nora, Mikki, Clifford, Sassy, Maggie, Lana, Teata, Pig Pen, and Tubby are all doing well in foster care and are patiently awaiting their furever homes.
  • Reba will go to her foster to adopt home this Sunday.
  • Buddy's kennel cough has turned into pneumonia.
  • Trina goes to a new foster home tomorrow as she awaits a furever home.
  • Snoopy has completed all his heartworm treatments! He will be re-tested in a couple weeks and upona negative heartworm test, will be ready for adoption.
  • Ford is in a foster home recovering from his 3 in 1 (elongated soft palate, nare, saccuoles) surgery, and is doing well with his new frenchie sister!
  • Big Daddy Bluto is getting much better with training, he is learning to trust and we are able to wipe his butt now without incident! Giving him a full bath, well..... that's a different story!
  • Peaches, our old senior girl who came into rescue on Mother's Day... her physical condition is a lot worse than we first thought.

To all who have donated, specifically, within the past 7 days, we absolutely positively can not thank you enough! Your donation will be put 100% directly to the bullies, as every single penny that comes into our organization is. Although we are only 11 days into the month of May, so far this month, our bulldog medical bills have exceeded $3500!!! This not only includes our highly discounted services at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital (thank you Dr. Sands!), but also includes those from the specialists.

5-12-10 @ 5pm: Wow! What a day! Tewday we woke up bright and early to go potty. From my crate right outside to the grass, I did #1 and #2 - mommie was sooooo happy she kept praising me and telling me I was such a good boy. As you can see in the collage above, I took a nice ride in the bullie van dis mornin cuz mommie Erica has tew take me tew work wif her. Mommie sayz dat she has tew keep a close eye on me cuz she wants to make sure I still breathing and not getting weally sick wike when I first came to AABR. On da way tew da office Mommie felt the back of her seat movin back and forth and wut she doesn't no is dat dat was just me humpin it! (Wut?!?!? I'm a boy puppie, datz wut we do!) When we got tew da office I took a look around and den jumped over the little puppy fence she put up 4 different times! Mommie doesn't want my big paws getting run ober by her wheelie office chair so she tried to keep me away wif da gate. All I wanted tew do was go under her desk and eat her papers... doesn't she no dis? Finally she let me eat da papers and when I was done I fell asleep on da floor :) It'z been a weally busy day and a skinny bullie pup can definitely work up an appetite so mommie gave me a nice meal in my special "slow bowl". I scarf my food down so fast mommie is afraid so I get dis special food bowl to prevent bloat and choking from me eafin so fast. As yew can see, I've had quite an eventful day tewday. Mommie Erica and Mommie Neely not only have me to worry about, but also about the 30 other bullies in da program. Wif managing us all, and dealing with foster homes, vet visits, and post surgical recoveries, dey say all the bullies are going to bed early tonight and dey going out for a few cocktails! Bye Bye for now - Lub baby Gus!

P.S. Last night, a special angel named Auntie Nancy made an extremely generous donation towards my vet bills in honor of her own bulldog named Angus and I am forever grateful faw her financial help in saving my life! Love yew Auntie Nancy!

5-21-10 Update: Well, well well, somebullie is doing 100% better..... it's Baby Gus - the crazy bullie puppy! Gus is quite the little monster boy now that he's feeling better. It's absolutely amazing how much better he is doing in such a short time and boy, is he making up for lost time! This puppy thinks that just because he's better he can have bull pup zoomies 10x a day and instigate and play with all the big bullies that tower over him and drive everyone nuts. Baby Gus will keep you on your toes....and speaking of toes, watch your FEET! Baby G loves to bite and chase your feet! He doesn't quite understand "NO!" yet, but thinks this means... keep going, faster, harder, more, more, more! Oh, and his favorite thing to do is hump your living room furniture while biting it at the same time.

Now that Gus is out of the danger zone and we know he's gonna be a survivor, we are currently accepting applications for his forever placement. The only restrictions on his adoption is that you must be local and have English Bulldog experience. Please refer to our adoption application for how we conduct all our adoptions. (Thanks again to all our donors!)

May's Newsletter is avail-a-bull! (Just click the mommie photo below)

Posted May 5, 2010 1:09 pm

Our "Pugadors" get a clean bill of health at the vet today!

Posted April 14, 2010 9:57 pm

 I'd rather take a couple and do it right, maintaining our high standards and organized system than take a few and do it all wrong, jeopardizing the flow & fabulous system we have worked so hard to establish. We know our limits and what we can comfortably handle. I wish we could save them all, but we do the absolute best we can. I love my rescue and all that are involved! - Mommie Erica

The Pugish Family at the pound!

Posted April 13, 2010 7:36 pm

If you follow us on face book, or are just a fan of our site here, I do not need to tell you how hard the volunteers of Adopt-A-Bull Rescue work each and every day to save dogs from death. You see it online, you read about it in our monthly newsletters, you may even be able to experience some of it firsthand if you’re a local member of our meet-up group or help with our various rescue events in the community. Yes, we are primarily an English Bulldog Rescue organization, but occasionally have an “off breed” or mix, or two or three.  Besides the 33+ English Bulldogs we currently have, we are also caring for 2 pit mixes, a Sharpei and as of today, 3 pug mix puppies.

Every day a list of “Dogs in Danger” is emailed to us by the local pound. Today, I was surprised to see not 1, but 3 different litters of puppies on that list. Yes…puppies….. dogs 8 weeks and younger!!! I personally own 2 EB’s and a pug myself so the litter of pug mix pups caught my attention. Taking off of work early, I decide to drive down to the shelter just to look…. so I told myself. A litter of 5 pups were owner surrender, just dumped at the pound, young pups without mom or dad. The pups go to the clinic for their shots as walk around. Past the kennel runs, between the cages, down each corridor……there are so many dogs... so so so many.  The shelter I was at euthanizes 100+ dogs DAILY. There are cats too..... sooooo many kittens, just litters upon litter of them….tiny tiny kittens. I can't stop looking; I get sadder with each step I take.  I can’t help but cry, as the tears begin to steadily flow….so many of them... OMG! Spay & neuter people!!!  I can't save them all or even help them all. I promised myself no more mix puppies. Why am I here? I can't say no, I'm a sucker. I don't want them to die. I know I won't be able to sleep again tonight or even the rest of this week. Why... Why.... Why? All I can think of is awareness, education, laws, my mind races… I can’t even think clearly. Just like a kindergarten field trip, I want to take people back to this shelter with me to see this; people need to take visits to their local county kill shelters, aka “The Pound.”  When you see what I see, witness what I have, you will only feel compelled to take action. Adopt-A-Bull Rescue was founded on some very strong convictions. We are in the process of re-doing our website and the new site will contain a page about my personal rescue story, the story of my own very first dog – my English Bulldog, Brutis, and why I decided to give up my life, devoting every second of my day to the dogs that are in danger. Ok, now I’m rambling and crying at the same time. I apologize.

Bottom line, we really should not have taken any of the mix pugs, but about an hour or so after I arrived at the shelter, I found myself sitting down at the rescue desk signing spay/neuter/medical contracts, handing over payment for 3 of the puppies that sat in the cardboard box next to me caked in diarrhea and who would surely display signs of kennel cough in just a matter of time. Three lives saved today!!! Yippee!!! That was the easy part, now they need to be fed around the clock, quarantined away from any other animals for at least the next 2 weeks (they can’t even share the same air as others), vetted, fully examined, and have to go to work with me every day so they can be kept under a watchful eye. The pups are listed as 8 weeks old, but look barely 6 weeks. The little female fawn runt weighs 1.1 pounds with the other two are closer to 2 pounds. We have contacted pug rescue and are hopeful they will take the 2 that remain even thou they are mixes. Updated to come, stay tuned.


April's Newsletter full of Easter Bullie Bunnies! (Click Bluto's Face)

Posted April 4, 2010 10:01 am
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